A Very Cafe Breakfast


Soylent recently released two new drink flavors to complement their excellent Coffiest drink: Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai. They both have caffeine, though the Chai flavor's is about 1/5 that of the other two at 30mg per bottle, so they are both better suited to being a morning pick-me-up than an evening sipper. Lauren and I both enjoy Coffiest quite a bit, so we bought a variety pack case to give the newcomers a try.

Of the two, Lauren and I both prefer the Cafe Vanilla for its more traditional latte-inspired flavor, but the lower caffeine content of Cafe Chai helps to ensure that they both have a role in breakfast. If I'm going to have coffee later in the morning, I'll opt for the Chai; otherwise I'll go in for a full 150mg. Cafe Chai has a more traditional, unsweetened Chai taste which I've found hit or miss in the mornings. A bit of sweetening might help even it out.

Overall I've really been enjoying Coffiest and its new siblings as a morning meal. They do a good job of keeping me full just up until lunch time, and the included caffeine and L-theanine makes it so I don't have to prepare a cup of coffee to accompany them. Drinking a bottle is very convenient, and the flavors are good; it's an all-around win for me.