3D Yak Shaving

The past few weeks have been filled with failed prints and frustration as I tried to dial in the 3D printer. Along the way, Lauren and I discovered missing set screws, bed leveling problems, extruder jams, and a variety of other minor ills. When you can only start prints every few days, these setbacks really add up.


Now, however, I think things are more or less settled. I got a few good prints out of the printer following some careful calibration and cleaning of the print bed; with TeamViewer I can now stop bad prints mid-way; and I can capture timelapses for failure analysis using SkyStudioPro.

My current project is a model of the space shuttle, and the orbiter nose served as a test print for the latest changes. It came out pretty well:


I'm now running a plate with most of the remaining components.

Also in the works has been some experimentation with epoxies for gluing the polyester sheeting I bought to form an enclosure. As it turns out, very little sticks to polyethylene, so I'm going to have to make my attachments mechanically.


Overall, I'm quite excited to have the printer running more-or-less smoothly now. I've had a lot of ups and downs over the years with 3D printers, and I want to return to the level of reliability I had with the Taz when I first set it up.