There's something damn satisfying about watching a machine slice through metal like it was butter. I've been experimenting with the Tormach PCNC770 mill we have in my office's makerspace, and putting it through its paces with new insert tooling has been eye opening.

To capture this on video and allow for post-failure analysis (yeah, there have been a few failures, nothing bad though) I bought a GoPro along with a suction cup mount to put in the enclosure. Here's some footage from one of my recent runs:

As you can see, I did a few operations to mill out a set of holes. The milling operations were then followed by cleaning and tapping. I then installed some PTFE bearings using an arbor press and checked the fit for my M6 bolt and two dowel rods, and the final assembly all came together great! The part is a subassembly of this vise, which I designed for my - much smaller - desktop mill used for machining wax mold masters.


Making one jaw was the very first step, and I still have to start making the prototype for the base which will be much more involved. Still, it's very satisfying to be designing and building real things again and the Tormach is a great tool for it.