On Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is by far the best thing you can do for your brain. Focusing on difficult tasks becomes near impossible when your brain is screaming "I'm tired!" at you all day, and the quality of whatever brainpower you can apply is going to be much improved by getting the right number of high quality zzz's. Unfortunately this is one of the areas where I struggle the most, often spending my days in varying degrees of sleepy fog. I've been this way for many years, well before I went to college, and now it's starting to become clear that sleep quality is the most pressing quality of life issue for me.

My hope is that data will help me to address this.

This chart shows some of the sleep duration and quality data that my FitBit tracker captures each night. At the time of writing, there's just over a month's worth of data here, which is barely enough to start seeing some basic trends and identify known anomalies (the dramatic lows on 9/27 and 11/9 are naps). For example, I tend to get less sleep on Mondays and since I've been sick for the last few days I've had more wakeup events. These kinds of insights are not particularly useful alone, so I intend to combine them with other data such as my logged workouts and caffeine intake to try and get a more comprehensive picture of how to improve my nights.