The Me Binder

Beeminder is an interesting tool. On the one hand, it's very effective in making sure that I do in fact do the things that I've committed to - for example, I have to write this blog post tonight or I will derail. On the other hand, I have been consistently skirting the edge of derailment on all of my goals. It doesn't seem to have a great effect on improving long term planning outcomes, such as encouraging me to write drafts prior to the hard deadline for blog publishing. That said, maybe it's just doing exactly what it should be in forcing small amounts of work to be done over time, on average.

That "on average" bit is both a blessing and a curse. It works great for things where the overhead is low and the daily rate is do-able, such as my knees to elbows goal (where I must complete 10 of the exercise each day). For other tasks, such as running, where the overhead is higher and the payoff for small inputs is very low, it's not a great motivator. I'll do just enough to not derail, and then languish. Perhaps that's just how my akrasia manifests itself? In any case, I really ought to get ahead on some of these goals.