Two Week Review

It's been about two weeks since I started my end-of-year goals project and I have a Beeminder goal that will derail soon if I don't publish a blog post, so now seems as good a time as any for an in progress retrospective. Rather than talk about each goal individually, let's discuss how each category is progressing.


Going to the gym three times a week, running 3 miles a week (generally two 1.5-ish mile runs in to work each week) and climbing twice a week has been paying dividends. My run times have been decreasing steadily, from a 15.35 minute 1.5 mile run (estimated from a 1.25 mile run) to 12.95 minutes. I've also added weight to my squats and presses, and increased my pullups to 14 reps! That's awful close to my 15 rep goal!

Rock climbing has also been improving; tonight I finished a 5.10 route that I've been working on for a while and tried my hand at a few others. I'm not quite to my "finishing consistently" goal yet but progress is being made. Part of improving my climbing is improving my flexibility. This one is a bit harder to quantify, so I may need to look in to better tooling on that front.


Not a lot has happened here. The ice climbing class isn't until December, I have a trip to Amsterdam planned in November, and I have yet to go on a hike. That last one is something I should remedy soon.


I've been dragging my feet a little here. While I've been fairly consistent on the Esperanto practice thanks to Beeminder, I have yet to start studying calculus. I need to set up some sort of accountability/tracking to keep myself motivated.


My target app for this goal, Compost, is coming along slowly. Most of the work on it has been very small tweaks to appease Beeminder, in part because I had very little time to work last weekend due to my parents visiting. This weekend I plan to push ahead of the yellow brick road with some serious focusing time.

In terms of books, I'm almost done with The Motivation Hacker and going to move on to The Martian and Thinking Fast And Slow soon. I've also been eating in more - much less money spent on sandwiches!


Overall, things are progressing well! I have a few weak areas (calculus) but if I can get them integrated into my tracking then I think they'll start to catch up with the rest.