Goals 2015: Tracking Progress

Now that I have a bunch of goals, how will I track my progress towards them? Tracking is important for motivation and to ensure that I've actually accomplished my goals, so I should make sure that I go in with a plan.

One tool I plan to use heavily is Beeminder. I'll set up Beeminder goals to track the inputs that I hope will give my desired outcomes, such as running and going to the gym more frequently. This will both help me to track my goals and keep me accountable with a financial penalty. At the end of my last post I included Beeminder graphs for many of my goal targets; I'll try to add more as I create them.

To track the outputs, I will use the time-tested method of tracking my data in a spreadsheet. For fitness goals and others that are easy to quantify I'll track the total progression for whatever unit makes sense (pounds lifted, time to run a given distance, pages of a book completed) and create plots to help me visualize my progress. The remaining goals are binary - I either go to Amsterdam or I don't, I either complete the ice climbing course or I don't - and so I'll just have a "did I do this" field in the spreadsheet to track that.

All of this data will be available publicly, and I will link the graphs to a page on this site (see "goals" above). There you will be able to see all of my progress (or failures!) at a glance.