Well, it seems as though the next big thing in the Ubuntu world is the switch from standard GNOME to the Unity interface in 11.04. I can't say I'm exactly pleased with that, but I understand that users will have the opportunity to switch between GNOME standard and GNOME with Unity at login, so I'm tentatively hopeful that I'll be able to retain my familiar interface. I've tried Unity out on my laptop, where I have more limited screen space, and I had a good time with it for a while; but the non-standard behavior of the Unity sidebar with regards to minimization and launching was discouraging. On my desktop, I'm running a dual-monitor configuration; and I like to have my application launcher and such on the center monitor. I'm not sure what the configuration options for Unity are going to be, but it seems that it'll try to jump to the left side of whatever setup you have (don't quote me on that, I honestly don't know). If I want a dock, I'll use AWN or something that provides that; I don't think the Unity bar is such a great leap forward for the standard desktop user. I'm also not much of a fan of putting the menu options at the top of the desktop. Don't get me wrong, I see its appeal for netbook and laptop users; but for the larger screens of a standard desktop setup (and especially my non-standard one), I just can't see the benefit.