It don't fit!

Getting components for your projects is always exciting! I love seeing the little slip in my mailbox at school telling me that I have a package. I'm always ready to add new functionality to my projects, and I love seeing my designs come together.

Sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way. Parts don't always match your specifications, maybe they're defective or you just made a mistake in the design. It happens! Unfortunately, some of the parts I got today just don't fit the design right. I got a pair of stepper motors and associated drivers from SparkFun today (man, they ship fast!), and what do you know, they're a little bigger than I was expecting.


Of course, it's not a problem of poor information. I honestly didn't design the parts to use these motors. They were designed for a different pair of salvaged motors which unfortunately don't work. I figured that I could do a little bit of machining to make the new motors fit, and still have a working design. And I still might! But the crux of the matter is that I need to redesign my parts for the new motors. Hopefully when I get into the shop on Monday I can make some changes and hack together a working pH adjuster.